The Springfield Art Guild library currently holds over forty DVD’s. These art instruction DVD’s cover a variety of mediums and procedural techniques. If you would like to donate a DVD to our library collection that would be shared with all of our members, please contact our librarian, David Cochran.

As a SAG member you can check out these DVDs.

  • All transactions will be done by mail unless otherwise arranged.
  • All DVD’s may be borrowed for 1 month unless there is a waiting list and then the time limit will be 2 weeks.
  • Upon requesting a DVD, it will be mailed to the member.
  • Mailing instructions for returns will be included in the DVD case.  They are to be returned ONLY to Charlotte Landis
  • If a DVD is lost, the borrower is asked to reimburse The Springfield Art Guild

Springfield Art Guild will gladly accept your DVD donations in order to expand our library. In order to provide a greater variety of instruction to our members, please send any request that you might have to Charlotte.  Our collection has lots on watercolor.  Please limit your suggestions to other mediums.

Please contact David Cochran for any further information at:

Check out is for 1 (one) month. If not returned, a reminder will be sent on the 31st day or soon thereafter, according to librarian’s availability. The reminder will include the replacement cost of the materials, any shipping/handling and applicable taxes. The member may choose to return items immediately, pay in full (all above expenses for replacement within 10 days), or replace the items personally within 2 weeks. No other items may be checked out; Member will be in suspension for SAG sponsored exhibiting and any other member opportunities (beyond attending general/board meetings) until return or restitution is made.

Each member using the library will, one time, be given a copy of the library policy which will be signed by the member and placed on file by the board designee. This will constitute an understanding and acceptance of the lending policy of the Springfield Art Guild.


SAG DVD Library

Below is the library listing of all SAG’s DVD’s

Title Author subject
The Impressionist: The Other French Revolution, 1 Alfred, Brace A&E art movement
The Impressionist: The Other French Revolution, 2 Alfred, Brace A&E art movement
Commanding Color Archer, Sue watercolor
Commanding Color Archer, Sue watercolor
Acrylic Journey: Trash to Treasure& an Inward Look Beam, Mary Todd acrylic
From Line & Shape… Complex Surfaces Brommer, Gerald all media
The Many Styles of Cheng-Khee Chee Cheng-Khee Chee watercolor
Traditional Watercolor Approach Cheng-Khee Chee watercolor
Small paintings..Big Results Cooper, Carol watercolor
Painting Streams, Rocks, and Trees in Watercolor Couch, Tony Watercolor
The Abstract Expressionist Mind: The Fifth Element DiGiulio, Joe watercolor
Landscapes Through Time Dunlop, David Bio
Abstract Watercolors Expressions in Blue Edwards, Sterling watercolor
Stunning crystal and glass Faulknor, Joyce watercolor
Total Horse Abstraction #3 Gholson, John watercolor
Acrylic Landscapes the Watercolor Way Harrington acrylic
Paint Realistic Landscapes: Skies Haywood-Sullivan Pastel
Paint Realistic Landscapes: Mixing Greens Haywood-Sullivan Pastel
Painting The Figure in Pastel Alain Picard Pastel
Landscape in Pastel Alain Picard Pastel
Secrets of Flower Painting Hosmer, Ken watercolor
Ink and Watercolor Techniques Hsi-Mei Chinese Painting
Designing for content: Yupo Mater Class James, George w/c Acrylic
Negitive Painting Techniques in Watercolor Kemp, Linda watercolor
Nature’s Textures in Acrylic Kitler, David Acrylic
Adventure of Photography:150 Years Kultur art movement
Frida Kahlo Kultur Bio
Georgia O’Keeffe Kultur Bio
Joan Miro Kultur Bio
Troumpe L’Oeil workshop Lanthier, Yves Trompe L’Oeil
Figure Painting Fast and fun Lawrence, Skip watercolor
Bringing Light to your Landscapes Lawrence, Skip watercolor
Bringing Light to your Landscapes Lawrence, Skip watercolor
Secrets of color: Value, Hue & Intensity Lawrence, Skip watercolor
Chinese Watercolor Techniques Painting Animals Lian Quan Zhen watercolor
Children’s Facial Features copy1 Liliedahl, Johnnie oil
Secrets of painting Watercolor on Canvas Lynch, Tom watercolor
Water Painting Techniques in watercolor Mackenzie, Gordon watercolor
Watercolor from Within, Transparent Layering Nechis, Barbara watercolor
Quick Studies Oil Portrait From Life Nelson, Craig oil
Metropolitan Museum Of Art NHK EDU
Atmospheric Landscapes #1 & 2 O’Connor, Birgit watercolor
Field Studies?out of your pocket O’Connor, Birgit watercolor
Landscape Masterclass Reid, Charles watercolor
Acrylic Revolution Reyner, Nancy Acrylic
Layering Light Ridgeway, Bette Acrylic
Watercolor Portrait Series Tim Packer watercolor
Oil Painting with Calcite Sun Oil Velasquez, Louis oil, old masters
Serving the Community: Training museum Virg. Assoc of Museum Art Education
Vibrant Watercolor Techniques,Painting Water Warren, Soon Y watercolor
Girl With A Pearl Earing Movie
Lust for Life, Story of Van Gogh Bio
Mystery of Picasso Movie
The Tiffanys, Mark of Excellence Movie